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A Note on Intent

The Backerean Motive:

I am a believer in separating the transitory from that which should, and usually does, endure.

I am primarily a scholar by inclination and my music and poetry are very structured and rhetorical in form. I attempt to depict experiential transformations. The crucial factor in depicting accessible transcendence concerns the nature of meaning conveyed.

I find that the greatest pleasures come from that conveying a Tao. For example, bringing to awarenesses imaginative insights in literature, including song literature.

As an artist, much is to be gained by learning artistic strategies of past genius. I see the artist's problem is not so much to be revolutionary in content or form, but to be communicative of a range of experience which takes one beyond thresholding. Reading a painting or quartet, with eye or ear, alters consciousness into something to puzzle out delightedly.

While my background is primarily in Literature — Shakespeare, Milton, Blake — I am also quite interested in the history of ideas. Nowadays my interests involve the composers Machaut and Beethoven, the ancient form of Christianity known as Gnosticism, and the tradition of painting. These interests simply make me more full-full, so to say."

—Tim Backer, July 2012, revised August 2018.