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'Innocence', like 'Experience', is doctrinally is one of "the 2 Contrary States of the Human Soul." The fundamentals are found in an Illuminated Book titled The Marriage of Heaven and Hell created and published during the period of the French Revolution by the poet, prophet and artist William Blake (1757-1827). I am of the Blakean Christian denomination.

Tim Backer, Phase Innocence is now completed. Phase Experience has three works completed. The works which comprise and structure Phase Innocence are dual-copyrighted. The only addition to the list published on this page is a collection of early archival recordings intended to give context to my music career history.

Licensing rights assignment is currently limited to the American Society of Composers, Authors & Publishers as my Performing Rights Organisation and, in a different contractual, to Google.

The YouTube-available complex of "First Contrary" (Innocence) works and this website demonstrate my competency and artistry and guiding philosophical-religious purposes. 

Projected works intended to be included in Tim Backer, Phase Experience:

Compositions, Recitations and popular music recordings:

  • Fourfold Folium (String Quartet #3)
  • Paradise Lost (John Milton's epic)
  • Rock Classical album
  • Two long poems set to music
  • The Yellow Rose (Opera)

Communications regarding the Project/Object Tim Backer, Phase Experience should be made in writing and sent for consideration to myself: