New Launch

'Innocence', like 'Experience', is doctrinally is one of "the 2 Contrary States of the Human Soul." The fundamentals are found in an Illuminated Book titled The Marriage of Heaven and Hell created and published during the period of the French Revolution by the poet, prophet and artist William Blake (1757-1827). I am of the Blakean Christian denomination.

Tim Backer, Phase Innocence is now completed. The works which comprise and structure Phase Innocence are dual-copyrighted. The only addition to the list published on this page is a collection of early archival recordings intended to give context to Tim's music career history.

Please read the link "Bids Result Notice" for details as to why it has not been introduced into commercial markets. At this time there are no authorised distributors or sellers of these works in digital or physical forms. Please do not support or condone purveyors of derivative intellectual properties.

Licensing rights assignment is currently limited to the American Society of Composers, Authors & Publishers as my Performing Rights Organisation and, in a different contractual, to Google.

Tim Backer, Phase Experience is commenced. Investors are sought for what is intended to become a publicly-traded Company. Other than being zeroed-in on by a Cabal of intellectual property poachers, I have no significant personal or professional complications, little debt, good health except for cavernous angioma, and have resolved most life-complications. I'm single, sexy, and optimistic as to my skills and potentials.

Professionally, my business platforms are secure sole proprietorships without debt or outstanding contractual liablities. I am poised for earnings through ownership of an ASCAP publishing company. As with the copyrights to the Tim Backer, Phase Innocence complex of works, I will maintain full and complete ownership of both Sound Recording (c)'s and Performing Arts (c)'s. Ownership of other rights will be through corporate shareholding.

The YouTube-available complex of "First Contrary" (Innocence) works and this website demonstrate my competency and artistry and guiding philosophical-religious purposes. The opportunities for business, cultural and political manifestation in world and national markets and the marketplaces of ideas lie ahead, preliminaries accomplished.

Projected works intended to be included in Tim Backer, Phase Experience:

Composition, poetry readings and pop music are being recorded: The four-layer rhetoric of the musical form based on the Folium mathematical formula. (String Quartet #3) Urban music album Through time and space, Paradise lost by John Milton, Beatles-style classical music album, Opera 'Yellow Rose', 'William Black' of 'Milton, a Poem

Compositions, Recitations and popular music recordings:

  • Fourfold Folium (String Quartet #3)
  • Riding Through the Time (urban music)
  • Paradise Lost (John Milton's epic)
  • Rock Classical album
  • The Yellow Rose (Opera)

Communications regarding the Project/Object Tim Backer, Phase Experience should be made in writing and sent for consideration to myself:

Tim Backer, 334 Tonti St., South Bend, Indiana 46617. The "gathering period" will last until Bastille Day (July 14), 2019.

The world is all before us.