Music Compositions and Philosophy

Tim Backer, M.Mus.: Composer, Politist, Recording artist, Culture structurist.

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"Rock Classical is a music philosophy extending into poetics."

Statements have been made on this website in the past that stemmed from schizophrenic delusions.

They are disavowed and retracted and regret is expressed.

Things are better now. Thank you for your concern.

"Music is the Rhyme, yet the Reason."

Music is the Rhyme, yet the Reason

Objective: "Imaginism".

Ideological Classification: Western Romanticism
Music-experience Form: "Rock Classical"

"Advanced Christianity with Chinese Characteristics"

Classical Music Rock Music Variety

Tim was initially educated at Wesleyan University and holds the Bachelor of Arts in English and M.Mus. degrees from Indiana University. He developed the "Rock Classical" genre of music combining classical forms and techniques of composition with rock sounds and recording techniques.

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