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"Music Philosophy With Chinese Characteristics"

Tim Backer, M.Mus.: Composer, Politist, Recording artist, Culture structurist.

"Rock Classical is a music philosophy extending into poetics."

"Music is the Rhyme, yet the Reason."

Music is the Rhyme, yet the Reason

BackWords Recordings and Return to Culture Company

Reopening June 1, 2019, as a Peace Research and Developments initiative with three divisions:

  1. BackWords Recordings, An Independent Culture Production House: This is a "Rock Classical" music initiative incubating intellectual property products for world markets with scores for projects including cultural rapprochement. The aesthetic is that of The Beatles in their White Album period. The rhetorical dialect is Beethovenian, the literary and religious aesthetic is Blakean, and a strong Taoist influence is apparent. 
  2. Return to Culture Company: This assimilates, structures, and describes at a sophisticated yet aesthetic level the information, insights, and experiences garnered by BackWords initiatives. It is community-focused and individualistic, applying macro-cultural, historical insight to letters and music history, culture and religious spirit - providing leadership in "Reconciliationism and Imaginism." 
  3. Q E D Music (ASCAP), owner of Performing Arts copyrights; Louis Lennon (IPI: ASCAP).
  • Member, American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers;
  • Member, United States Naval Institute.
  • Member, Association of the United States Navy

POLITIST: A Chinese word into English, meaning a person whose political sway and idea-insertion reaches those not reached by political argument, law, or policy, bringing the "nothings" of the Elite Culture through a displayed threshold and conveying to the non-privileged. A Politist can engage in remedial or prescriptive analyses, insightfully suggesting better constructions upon practice.

Objective: "Imaginism".

Ideological Classification: Western Romanticism
Music-experience Form: "Rock Classical"

"Advanced Christianity with Chinese Characteristics"Classical Music Rock Music Variety

Tim was initially educated at Wesleyan University and holds the Bachelor of Arts in English and M.Mus. degrees from Indiana University. He developed the "Rock Classical" genre of music combining classical forms and techniques of composition with rock sounds and recording techniques, resulting in highly structured music fit for commercial markets.

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